We believe that families belong together

Raising Awareness

of the impact on of UK spouse visa rules on families

Lobby Parliament

with the aim of the MIR being abolished 

Provide a Support Network

A safe environment for our members to communicate

A more humane and fairer immigration policy

which will ensure the welfare of our children and safeguard their basic human rights - as well as the families as a whole unit.


What you can do to help now!

Click on the picture link below and Sign the Change.org petition.


"That’s why I’m calling on the government to have a heart and scrap the Minimum Income Requirement so that families like mine can be together, where we belong."

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COVID-19 impact

Many of our families who are already impacted by the visa rules are now further impacted by COVID-19. 


Find out how our LGBTQ+ families are affected by the visa rules

Fathers Day

Fathers Day is another sore reminder of the life our ReuniteFamilies Dad's are missing out on with their children.


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Lived in Limbo

Brian had his passport held by the Home Office for 4 years leaving Ben & Brian living in limbo.