Tom Shelton
Head of Lobby Team

Tom joined Reunite Families UK in 2017, after years of struggling with the Home Office for his families' visas. Married in 2014, many of his British relatives are yet to meet his wife and son, and despite many attempts, they have never visited the UK. 


An impassioned writer, he has penned over 300 campaign letters and was published by Open Democracy and the Home Affairs Select Committee. He is Head of Lobby for Reunite Families UK.


Since studying printing at London Institute, his career spanned design, construction, selling investments, wine, and property. He's worked in Singapore, Spain, Seychelles, and Philippines. Tom lives overseas as an 'unwilling exile', and enjoys spending time with his family and dreaming up ways to end the Hostile Environment.


Rather than fight the Home Office, Tom and his wife would like to start a business in the UK. He is a keen amateur cook, writer, and wine-lover. His son would love to build a snowman in England.