Tristram Lai Miles
Social Media PR and Lobbyist

Tristram helps with Reunite Families UK presence on social media and parliamentary lobbying. He first woke up to the issues surrounding spousal visas and family migration in the UK after the result of the Brexit referendum.


With a German wife who he met when he was 19, they married in 2016. At the time, he thought it unconscionable that there would be anything other than a simple rubber stamp visa, and small processing fee for a British citizen to sponsor their legal spouse to live with them in the UK. Anything else seemed so strange to him, as it would be so obviously unjust, unfair and, as he thought at the time, very un-British. He still believes all those things and so is passionate about getting this draconian ban on marriage freedom for Brits abolished!


Outside of the campaign, Tristram works as an analyst in the insurance industry in London and is a dab hand with excel. In his spare time he enjoys going to theatres and pubs/bars/restaurant around London.