Yulia Bosher
Strategic Researcher and Lobbyist

Yulia currently lives in China with her British husband, Michael, because the current UK Visa regulations make it impossible for them to return to the UK.


Yulia has a degree in political science and can speak Russian, Ukrainian and English fluently as well as conversational Mandarin.


When she isn't working in International Trade, Yulia is using her knowledge to lobby for Reunite Families UK. Actively fighting for this cause for one year, Yulia has played a key role in submitting crucial evidence in response to the UK parliament and UN inquiries. As well as this she has worked on several other campaign initiatives involving contact with UK MPs and officials.


They spend a fair bit of time with their cat whom they found as a little kitten crying next to the river in China. Michael and Yulia enjoy travelling, going to the mountains and kayaking.


At home, Yulia continues to improve her Mandarin and Michael enjoys programming.