REUNITE FAMILIES UK is fighting the unfairness of the minimum income requirement for families

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Reunite Families UK is the only support and campaign group that focuses solely on the impact of Spouse visa rules on families. We have an ever-growing membership and many case studies that highlight the brutal and cruel fallouts of these rules. These are honest, genuine and loving couples and families who, during this time of Covid, have now been plunged into even further uncertainty as they face an immigration system that is not giving them any clarity on where they stand within this. With so much at stake they want to ensure they are within the perimeters of their visas and that common sense concessions and a renewed look at the rules as they stand right now (and beyond) and put in place a plan that means they don’t fall foul of the Home Office further down the line when we are out of this.


We have made direct contact with the Home Office regarding the points raised by our members in the hope that we could create a constructive dialogue with them and ensure our families are safe and secure in the UK. We have received an interim response but awaiting a detailed response from them.


When a tree is planted, it puts down roots in its new home.  It gives life to its new surroundings, and is able to flourish and grow.  

All our families deserve the right to do the same.  But current regulations mean thousands of families are separated, just because of what they earn.  

We have teamed up with JCWI to raise awareness by planting trees up and down the country involving local MPs, schools and local community groups while doing something great for the environment.


Together with JCWI we are driving forwards a strategy that will try to make the Minimum Income Requirement of £18,600 a thing of the past.


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Reunite Families UK [RFUK] is a volunteer led support and campaign group for British/non-EU families who are separated by UK Spouse visa rules because of an imposed minimum income requirement [MIR]. Using real life experiences, we raise awareness of the impact of these rules on husbands, wives and their children; and lobby parliament with the aim of the MIR being abolished.

Reunite Families UK was set up in 2017 by two mothers whose families were being affected by spouse visa rules that were created as part of the new hostile environment policies in 2012 by the Home Secretary.


The rules for British/non-EU families state that the British partner has to earn a minimum income of £18,600 if they want their partner to be able to join them in the UK regardless of whether they have children or not. The process is complicated, extremely expensive and many applications are being wrongly refused due to unacceptable procedures by the Home Office and compounded by a long-held perception of immigrants here in Britain. 


Not only do nearly half the UK population not earn this amount, they are discriminatory to low income earners, women and those who are of pension age. The rules have been creating one parent families, household poverty and causing huge mental and emotional stress on parents, children and grandparents alike.

With real life stories, RFUK is passionate about raising awareness of the impacts of the rules on innocent, loving families and we are lobbying parliament to abolish of the minimum income requirement [MIR].  We want a more humane and fair family immigration policy that will ensure the welfare of children, parents and couples; and safeguard their basic human rights to be a family.


Because families belong together


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