Some of our families' stories

 Here are some heartbreaking accounts of the real impact of the UK visa rules on children and families.

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Louise – son is 2 yrs old

My British two year old son, has never been granted the opportunity to meet his non-EU Nigerian father, due to the hostile environment imposed under the Conservative government, led by Theresa May.

According to a child's human rights they have the right to have both loving parents in their life and under article 8 of the human rights act, a right to family life. Our British government is in breech of these rights and it is heavily impacting upon my son's life.


After two refused visitation visas for no just reason our son has missed out on having his father welcome him into the world, care for him..My partner has missed all of his 'first's' including the first time he sat alone, crawled, walked, talked, first day at nursery school, first hair cut- all of the little things which add up and feel so special. For a man who wants to care for his son this is absolutely devastating for him. 


As our son grows older day by day he has noticed that he doesn't have the same family unit that his peers have at nursery. He doesn't have a father to collect him like his friends do, or a father to play with or take him on adventures at the weekends. Aiden doesn't have a father to look after him, protect him and do all the 'boy' activities which he loves so much like playing football. He doesn't have a father present as a role model who he can look up to and follow in his footsteps and most of all, he doesn't have a father to read him a story at night, give him an affectionate cuddle when he's sad and a kiss goodnight. 


The Home Office has told numerous families that they are not in breech of their human rights as through modern means of technology, such as Skype, Facebook call messenger, FaceTime and Viber they can sustain a relationship with their parent. I cannot understand this thinking, how can a desktop screen look after your son while you go out to work or give them a kiss or a cuddle, they need human contact.