Reuniting families affected by UK spouse visa rules

Our son was born on January 1st 2018. 

Although he is still a baby I believe now is the most important time to gain a bond with parents,but how can he do that if his Baba is still in Turkey? Facetime/WhatsApp/Skype calls aren’t enough. 

I feel so strongly about him having his Baba around we have no choice but to travel to Turkey to visit as everytime we applied for a visit for his dad it’s been declined on the basis the HO don’t believe he is a genuine visitor. This is expensive, stressful and not something a baby should have to do to see both mum and dad together. 

I can’t say how it will affect him in the future because I’m hoping that soon I will find a job to reach the minimum income without having to leave him in childcare, with a stranger who will be sharing every special moment with him for 10 hours a day. But I can tell you he has seen me cry, his Baba cry, he has heard our pain on the phone, he has been literally pulled out of his Babas arms screaming at the airport because we’ve held each other till the last second before I have to run to the departure gate. How is this fair? How is this OK for my child? What has our son done to deserve this start to life?

Yes, I need to get a job. Yes, a majority of parents leave children in nurseries and babysitters. But our son only has me in the UK and i worry that both me and my partner are going to miss his exciting years and he will look at both of us in the way he looks at strangers. 

Family is important and without choosing so we are a broken family.