Reuniting families affected by UK spouse visa rules

Mother’s Day 2023: celebrating the fearless mums that continue to fight to be reunited

This Mother’s Day we celebrate mothers all over the world but especially the many fearless mums, mothers-in-waiting and grandmothers in our network who have to fight with some of the harshest family reunification rules in the world in order to be a family here in the UK

To highlight their plight and the need for better family reunification policies we have created these UnReunited Mothers cards that with the aim of illustrating the challenges, barriers and the obstacles mums in our community have to overcome on a daily basis.

Download the cards and share them on your social media using the hashtags

This #MothersDay we want to honour the incredible mums – and mums in waiting – who have to fight some of the world’s most restrictive family reunification policies in order to have their families together here in the UK #TheCostOfLovingCrisis #ScrapTheMIR #HaveAHeart