Reuniting families affected by UK spouse visa rules

Reunite Families UK disappointed by PM’s and government lack of engagement on spousal visa issues

Reunite Families UK is extremely disappointed by the response received on behalf of the Prime Minister to the letter we coordinated that asked for the Minimum Income Requirement not to be increased and instead to be scrapped altogether.  

The response we received only repeats government lines we have heard countless times before without addressing the substance of our arguments or the offer we have made to the government of meeting with people who are affected daily by the UK spouse visa rules.  

The letter, which we coordinated, has been signed so far by more than 260 between migrants organisations, MPs and Lords as well as more than 150 people with lived experience of the spouse visa rules. It wants to bring the attention of the Prime Minister and of his government more in general to what is already a cruel immigration policy that is keeping apart countless couples on a daily basis. 

It is particularly galling that, at the time when newspapers and news bulletins keep talking of the cost-of-living crisis and its repercussions throughout our society, the government is actively considering making the life of those who fell in love with people from abroad extremely difficult, and with the full knowledge of how difficult it already is to meet the Minimum Income Requirement.

Our letter also mentioned the funded research Reunite Families UK is conducting with those navigating this visa journey and whose initial results are already deeply troubling with initial reports flagging that children are experiencing extreme issues such as selective mutism, depression, and even mention of suicidal thoughts.

We hope that the Prime Minister will reconsider his response to our letter and engage with the substantial arguments mentioned by our letter and more importantly with the people who have direct experience of the rules.

The families we represent, and more in general the international couples who choose to make Britain their home are a resource for our country. A resource we should be proud to support and nurture in the same way that the families of the Prime Minister and many members of his cabinet were supported when moving to Britain many years ago.

People in love should never be seen as a burden on a country, they should instead be seen as an untapped resource ready to contribute to make the country a better and more diverse place.

Response from Home Office regarding Minimum Income Requirement Increase