Olesya Lane
Business Administration

Olesya joined the campaign in August 2017. This was just after the family finally reunited in the UK in May 2017. Whilst Olesya spent several months in Ukraine with their son, fighting for the family right to be together, she also managed to finish her MBA and write a dissertation, no matter how difficult it was to focus at that time. Olesya was trying to find support and connect with others that are in a similar situation and was happy to join the campaign admin team. She has almost 10 years of experience in Administration and Business Support and applies her experience and knowledge for the benefit of the campaign. Also, as a part of the campaign, Olesya is collecting stories from affected families/couples and planning to publish them in a book for Kindle, to start with.


Her husband, Kyle, likes baking and sports and often helps her with ideas for the campaign. Olesya has also a full time job and likes spending time with her two little boys, playing with cars, painting or reading stories.