Reuniting families affected by UK spouse visa rules

Please write to your MP!

The costs of spousal visas, all the way to ILR, are INSANE. If you would like to help then please write a letter to your MP to support the removal of the MIR, reduction in the high cost of visa fees and free visas for children! Here’s a link to help: My thoughts exactly […]

‘An area where criminal activity is rife’

Beginning the regular links roundup – Rogue solicitors offering fake advice to scam migrants out of life savings (Open Democracy). ‘Migrants across the UK are being preyed upon by immigration advisers and solicitors who are taking advantage of a lack of protections for advice seekers.‘These rogue practitioners are charging extortionate fees for free application forms […]

‘Mistakes and delays’

We begin this week with a flurry of stories relating to Ukraine. ‘Home Office ‘mistakes and delays’ mean girl, 4, must stay trapped in Ukraine’ (Guardian).‘A four-year-old girl remains stranded in a block of flats on the Ukrainian frontline four months after attempts began to bring her to the UK, a delay campaigners have blamed […]