Reuniting families affected by UK spouse visa rules

Nothing new under the sun

We begin this week with a shocking story from the 1940s which has seemingly only just come to light : Chinese seafarers were coerced into leaving UK after war, Home Office admits (Guardian) ‘After responding to calls to serve in the British merchant navy in the Battle of the Atlantic, about 2,000 Chinese seamen remained […]

‘How to respond to Rwanda removal notices.’ (via Free Movement)

Free Movement explains how asylum seekers who are told they are about to be removed to Rwanda should respond. According to this tweet, the Home Secretary is apoplectic that this information is being shared publicly. Both for this reason, but more importantly because this information deserves to be public and people need to know how […]

Immigration news roundup

Roundup of various pieces of immigration news from around the web which may be of interest to our members and supporters: ‘Fears over skills as visa application times double for spouses.’ (Personnel Today)‘Spouse applications for people coming to work in the UK are being delayed, leaving immigration specialists concerned that the extra waiting times for […]

‘The fear still lives with me’

The Guardian reports on one woman’s experience of three years in the hostile environment, just one story of thousands.‘Sarah, who asked for her real name not to be published, had been in the UK since she arrived in 1994 as a two-year-old refugee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She had attended primary and […]

‘Want to Host a Ukrainian Refugee? The U.K. Isn’t Making It Easy’

The New York Times reports on the UK government’s troubled visa scheme.‘A plan that allows Britons to sponsor people fleeing the Russian invasion has been plagued by visa delays and safeguarding concerns…’ ‘… Weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, and amid widespread criticism that it was not doing enough to help, the British […]

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees removed from UK’s ‘unsuitable’ housing sponsors.

Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees removed from UK’s ‘unsuitable’ housing sponsors. (Guardian) Positive Action in Housing, an NGO with a strong record in matching refugees with sponsors, has previously criticised the scheme – describing it as as ‘trafficker’s charter’ and calling for people to lobby the government. Also from Positive Action in Housing – this briefing […]