Reuniting families affected by UK spouse visa rules

What We Do

Reunite Families UK [RFUK] is a lived experience led, not for profit organisation supporting families who are affected by the UK spouse visa rules. Our team’s personal experience of the application process and Home Office requirements enables us to offer support, information and guidance to those navigating a complex immigration system and raise awareness of the impacts of them on families.

We fill a gap in the sector by focussing specifically on UK spouse visas/Appendix FM and as such provide a key service to those who are beginning, or are on, this journey. We do this by offering a safe, non-judgmental online space where people can access help and advice on matters relating to the application process. We work with other migration and legal organisations and we also signpost individuals to non-migration organisations that deal with social issues that are being experienced as a direct result of the immigration system.


Our vision is for a fairer, more humane immigration system that is without discrimination or prejudice and one that supports the reunification of couples and families in the UK.


Our mission is to help and support couples and families who are affected by the UK spouse visa rules; highlight the realities facing those bound by these rules; and promote a positive narrative around migrants in the UK. 

Our Values

Family, Inclusivity, Fairness, Knowledge, Empowerment, Community