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REUNITE FAMILIES UK is fighting the unfairness of the minimum income requirement for families

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Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis

Crowdfunding to Support Refugees

Weʼre raising £10,000 to give financial aid to those with Ukrainian family members coming to the UK

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Have a Heart

Reunite Families UK is a campaign and support group set up by two Mums affected by the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR). Spending special dates with your loved one, such as birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day should not be so difficult. However when you fall in love with a Non-EU and now with Brexit EU citizen, being together is not as easy as we are led to believe. As you can see the time never stops ticking for our families who have to spend sometimes years apart to be reunited. We believe families belong together.

An idea inspired by Thia Malan, previously affected by the rules, RFUK and JCWI are teaming up to do a #haveaheart campaign this Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of the MIR. You can do your bit in the run-up to Valentine’s Day this year by taking part in the #HaveAHeart challenge. The idea is simple: get creative and make a heart shape (suggestions below), and share it on social media, asking people to write to their local MP and make much-needed change happen.

Have a Heart


A Loving Hug

A Goodnight Kiss

Children are being separated from a parent because of how much money they earn. Family should not have a price tag.

We believe that famlies belong together

Raising Awareness

of the impact on of UK spouse visa rules on families

Lobbying Parliament

with the aim of the MIR being abolished

Providing a Support Network

and a safe environment for our members to communicate

Promoting a More Humane and Fairer Immigration Policy

which will ensure the welfare of our children and safeguard their basic human rights - as well as the families as a whole unit

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Find out how our LGBTQ+ families are affected by the visa rules

Man Carrying a Baby

COVID-19 Impact

Many of our families who are already impacted by the visa rules are now further impacted by COVID-19.


Fathers Day

Fathers Day is another sore reminder of the life our Reunite Families dads are missing out on with their children

Abolish the Minimum Income Requirement

Together with JCWI we are driving forwards a strategy that will try to make the Minimum Income Requirement of £18,600 a thing of the past.

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Another Long Wait

Maria has suffered with ill health that caused her to give up work because of the stress.

Visa Refused / Exiled

Michael and Athena separated from 10-year-old daughter from previous relationship.

An Eleven Year Struggle

Rio and Ahmet’s three girls are waiting for daddy to join them in the UK. How much longer do they need to wait?