Cost of Loving

This winter families all over the UK will be struggling with the rising cost of living and the impact of that on their families and their quality of life. For many, this burden is already a lot to bear but for families caught up in Britain’s hostile immigration policies, the impacts are devastating – pushing them into decisions no family should have to make.

This year, as they do every year, many children are writing their letters to Santa. But instead of asking for a present they are asking for the return of their mother or father…

Mother’s Day 2023

This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate many of the fearless mums and grandmothers in our network that have to fight with some of the harshest family reunification rules around the world in order to be with their loved ones and keep their family finally together.

To highlight their plight, but also to dream of better family reunification policies we have created these Unreunited Mothers cards that have the aim of illustrating the challenges, the barriers and the obstacles mums in our community have to overcome on a daily basis.

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The Cost of Loving This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day many loved ones are unable to be together because UK spouse visa rules are keeping them apart. For many couples and families, this is yet another day to remind them that their love is not enough and that their love comes at a huge cost.

Have a Heart

Reunite Families UK is a campaign and support group set up by two Mums affected by the Minimum Income Requirement (MIR). Spending special dates with your loved one, such as birthdays, Christmas and Valentines Day should not be so difficult. However when you fall in love with a Non-EU and now with Brexit EU citizen, being together is not as easy as we are led to believe. As you can see the time never stops ticking for our families who have to spend sometimes years apart to be reunited. We believe families belong together.

An idea inspired by Thia Malan, previously affected by the rules, RFUK and JCWI are teaming up to do a #haveaheart campaign this Valentine’s Day to raise awareness of the MIR.

Letter to the PM

Rishi Sunak spoke about the importance of family to him and how it is essentially at the heart of his plans for the Tory party’s priorities this year.

MIR is NOT family friendly in ANY way and any increase would be even more devastating to many loving families. He and all MP’s need reminding of this.

RFUK has written a letter to send to the Prime Minister asking him to ensure the MIR does not go up – in fact, we’d like to see it abolished.

Summer of Love

Some headed to the beach, and some stayed home alone hoping that one day their partners will arrive, and their families will be complete.

The summer is something that we Brits enjoy sharing together, but the reality is for so many of us, whether alone or forced into single parenthood, the summer is something we simply survive.

Hence, we wanted to both celebrate our families and loved ones and the love we share for each other, but also highlight the struggles we experience due to the UK family visa rules.

Take a look at our journey this summer!

Home Office Subvert Campaign - 9th July 2019

Seven years ago, Theresa May created her Hostile Environment. In 2019, this policy has seen tens of 1000s of innocent, loving families/couples torn apart just because one of them isn’t British.  Meet some of our families here and share their stories on Twitter from 9th July @ 9.30am

Christmas Carols

For the last two years, Reunite Families UK and JCWI have been putting our voices to another use in the campaign by putting on A Christmas Carol on the steps of St Martin in the Field in London’s famous Trafalgar Square. Families travel from all over the UK to join us as we raise awareness about the cruel rules that tear families and children apart. Christmas is an especially hard time for our families but it is the children who really lose out. Details will be posted later in the year for our 2019 Christmas Carol event in London so please join us! 

Immigration Bill

We are currently working with JCWI to build more awareness within Parliament about the rules ahead of the Immigration Bill that is currently in progress. Bringing the reality of the rules to the MPs is a crucial part of this work and with our voices of experience within this group we can show the real impact of these cruel rules on innocent families. 

UN Submission

Reunite Families UK took part of the evidence gathering for the 2018 UN Special Rapporteur visit to the UK. To find out more about this visit click here.

CRAE Evidence Gathering

In 2018, Reunite Families UK took part in gathering evidence for CRAE’s State of Children’s Rights

Raising awareness within sectors that deal with children’s welfare is crucial for the campaign as the impacts of the UK visa rules on children’s mental health is cruel and inhumane and yet no-one seems to recognise this fact. Getting organisations like CRAE and The Children’s Commissioner to be more aware of this plays a significant part in our campaign work.