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Free family visas: the entry clearance fee waiver policy (Free Movement)

Useful post by Free Movement on fee waiver guidance.

Female trafficking survivor targeted for UK removal to Rwanda, says charity (Guardian)

‘Women for Refugee Women said it was in touch with a survivor of trafficking who was recently issued with a notice of intent that she was being considered for removal to Rwanda.’
‘Charity workers say that instead of offering the woman protection and the chance to rebuild her life in the UK, the government is proposing to force her against her will to Rwanda.’

Who is liable when AI kills? (Scientific American)

At first sight this may seem far removed from our topic of family migration, however as issues such as the so-called ‘racist algorithm’ show the ethics of AI will increasingly impinge on all our lives as automation becomes an increasingly large – and necessary – part of the world in order to handle the huge datasets of the information era. AI, machine learning and data science will only grow in importance and complexity, and getting a handle on how to control these – the ‘human in command’ – will become an increasingly important policy area.

Related : ‘Home Office drops ‘racist’ algorithm from visa decisions’ (BBC, also a post on same from JCWI), ‘Predictive policing algorithms are racist, they need to be dismantled’ (MIT Tech Review), ‘Algorithms and bias explained’ (Vox), ‘Dissecting racial bias in an algorithm used to managed the health of populations’ (Science).

Peckham immigration protest: Police watchdog seek witnesses (BBC)

‘Witnesses are being sought by the police watchdog as part of its investigation into whether the Met Police used excessive force during an immigration protest.’
‘The incident saw a police van, which contained a Nigerian man arrested on suspicion of overstaying his visa, blocked by activists.’
‘He was later released on bail.’

Campsfield house: Council leader says immigration centre ‘dehumanises refugees’ (BBC)

‘The reopening of an immigration detention centre would be “inhumane”, councillors have said.’
‘Oxford City Council has released a statement reacting to news Campsfield House in Kidlington could reopen.’
‘The centre was shut in 2018 after years of problems, including riots, escapes and complaints about conditions.’

The first UK census 2021 results are now available.

So far we know that the population of England and Wales stood at 59,597,300 as of 21 March 2021 (versus 56,075,912 in 2011), with an idea of breakdown by area. The East of England being the fastest growing area, and the North East the slowest; Tower Hamlets and Dartford being the fastest growing local authorities, and Kensington/Chelsea and Westminster the slowest (or rather, the fastest -negative- growth). More results will be published over the coming months.

Scottish independence: Experts say immigration border checks ‘not required’ (The National)

‘Document checks on immigration status would not be required at the border of an independent Scotland, experts have suggested.’

Six immigrants reflect on their complicated relationship with the 4th of July (NPR)

An Independence Day view from the US.

State told to pay damages for detainee’s injuries at Japan immigration (Japan Times)

Oh, and some government ministers resigned! Specifically, the Chancellor and the Health Secretary. Is Boris Johnson really done for this time?

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