It’s difficult to find the right words to use to describe our situation. My daughter is still a baby.. a toddler.. therefore unaware. Unaware emotionally and mentally of the fact that because of the income threshold her daddy has not been able to hold her. Unaware that her daddy ended up in the hospital after suffering a nervous mental breakdown trying so desperately to bring his family home. 

One day however, if things don’t change I will have to have these conversations with her. I will have to explain to her why she was not allowed to have a normal healthy up bringing with two parents that love each other honestly. How do you explain to your child that because we are normal working class , she is not up to par to having her daddy tuck her in at night and read her a bed time story. Or simply have breakfast with her, walk her to school.  Take care of her when she is sickly, hug her and kiss her cheeks. Light the candles on her birthday cake. I could go on and on all the the little things that make up our everyday lives, that my baby girl will not get to have with her daddy.