Intercontinental love

What is love?

love does not have a singular definition; science can’t pinpoint it or explain it in a sentence or two.

It’s a philosophical issue that has been thought about for many years.

Have you ever loved someone so much you couldn’t explain it to anyone?

You couldn’t tell what made you fall in love with this person, it’s not a choice you make with your brain.

This love hurts you over and over yet you can’t let it go. You wish you never loved or met this person. But it isn’t really love that’s hurting you. It is your inability to be with the one you love, having to cross countries, continents or oceans to see your beloved for a visit or a holiday, and then you go home to your lonely heartbreaking long-distance relationship again.

Sounds like hell. Why would any sane person choose to live like that for years. Getting a few days of happiness, followed by months of pain and yearning to hold your loved ones again.

But you don’t choose that. It’s out of your hands, and you have to live with it.

It is the real life of many of us who are being separated from our soul mates because of the harsh rules the government put in place. That is where your pain is coming from, your inability to bring your loved ones to your country.

You love them to bits, and you want them to be there with you, to live like any other normal family, to go shopping together, to go to the pub in the evenings, to hold their hand while walking, to watch silly birds on a Saturday afternoon outside your back garden, to kiss them goodnight and hug them good morning, to share a cup of coffee while talking about your day at work, to give them back rubs and head massages when they need it.

Love is sharing every moment together, taking part in each other’s lives and being there for every event no matter how important or insignificant it is.

But all of that is just a dream. Because until the rules are eased, you can’t have any of that, and you are forced to live this intercontinental love.

Valentine’s Day piece written by Reem Elfarra

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