Kept Apart Project

Read our new e-book: Kept Apart: couples and families separated by the UK immigration system.  Featuring illustrations by Reunite UK member Michael Grieve, prose-poems created from member's experiences, first person accounts, information on the family immigration system, and sources of support, this is a great read whether you are just becoming aware of the issue, affected yourself, or want to learn more.

This book grew out of an initiative by Reunite Families UK, in collaboration with academics at the Universities of Bristol, Exeter and the West of England, funded by the Brigstow Institute (University of Bristol). Together with the specialist organisation ‘Trauma Awareness’, we designed a listening project to explore the experiences of British partners separated from their spouses and/or children, including how they live with the uncertainty of their situation, and to experiment with face-to-face support to address the trauma reported by many Reunite Families UK members.

Read the e-book 

You can read the e-book below as an interactive flipbook.   Click on the book below to open the book in a new screen then click the arrow on the right to turn the pages.  You may scroll down if you'd prefer to download a pdf or an accessible word version, or to read a two-page briefing with policy recommendations.