‘No humanity whatsoever’

The Guardian reports on pleas to grant a UK visa to an autistic Ukrainian boy who has a UK sponsor.

‘Pleas are mounting for compassion to be shown to Timothy Tymoshenko, 16, who fled the war in Ukraine without his parents. He is living with his 17-year-old brother, Yurii, in what was once a private palace for the prince-bishop of Wrocław in Piotrowice Nyskie, a tiny Polish village near the Czech border.
‘Jim Parton, a former stockbroker and writer from London, lives there with his Polish wife, Anna, and their six children, aged seven to 17.’
‘… They are currently hosting 17 people in the sprawling 700-year-old palace, after four left for Canada on Monday. Among those remaining is Timothy, who is severely autistic, non-verbal and needs strong prescription medication to control his changing moods.
‘Experienced children’s carers in Lancashire have been to visit the boys in Poland and are willing to take brothers in, but are growing increasingly frustrated that the UK government hasn’t yet granted them visas to enter the country.’

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