Summer of Love


Some headed to the beach, and some stayed home alone hoping that one day their partners will arrive, and their families will be complete. 

The summer is something that we Brits enjoy sharing together, but the reality is for so many of us, whether alone or forced into single parenthood, the summer is something we simply survive.

Hence, we wanted to both celebrate our families and loved ones and the love we share for each other, but also highlight the struggles we experience due to the UK family visa rules.

Take a look at our journey this summer! 

Watch this!

Father Holding Cute Daughter in his Arms Illustration

Our Spotify Playlist

Summer Anthems! Our Spotify playlist are full of songs for when you’re missing the ones you love. Whether you’re trying to forget the distance, dancing the sadness away or just in need of a good cry.

All of our Summer Anthems have been provided by our members affected by the UK’s family Visa rules. All of these anthems help them to feel good vibes or have good cries when missing their loved ones.

Diary Entries From Our Members

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