‘Visa extension delays soar as applicants are left in limbo’ (ITV)

ITV reports : ‘

‘Eduardo’s dad is dying alone in Nigeria, but if he leaves the UK to care for him he may not be allowed back to see his children.
‘Turning 80 this year, his dad has glaucoma and suffers from several disorders that need immediate medical attention he cannot arrange without his son.
‘While his dad suffers by himself, Eduardo, a documented immigrant whose real name we are withholding, has been waiting nearly a year to find out if he can continue living in Britain and cannot leave until then…’

This supports many, many reports of visa renewal delays from our members this year.

Note – if you are already in the UK with right to work (e.g. on a spouse visa), and apply for a visa extension (e.g. FLR) or Indefinite Leave to Remain, your current visa status remains the same until a decision has been made, provided you have made the application before you visa ends, even if the decision-making process goes past the BRP expiry date. The relevant rules come under Section 3C of the Immigration Act. See here and here for more information. An employer should be able to use the Employer Checking Service to verify the right to work.

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