All I Want This Christmas Is You!

Christmas is around the corner

This winter families all over the UK will be struggling with the rising cost of living and the impact of that on their families and their quality of life. For many, this burden is already a lot to bear but for families caught up in Britain’s hostile immigration policies, the impacts are devastating – pushing them into decisions no family should have to make. 

This year, as they do every year, many children are writing their letters to Santa. But instead of asking for a present they are asking for the return of their mother or father…

"Is it really Christmas time again? Am I really supposed to be merry? This will be my 3rd Christmas without my husband. Every year I think it won’t happen again, yet here we go, Christmas, again. I think this year is going to be harder than the others for me. This year I know how much it’s going to hurt, again... Not just me though. The heartache spans continents from UK to Brazil for us. Me, our 2 boys, my husband and my stepdaughter..."

We know how hard times like these can be, so this is what we are doing

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