This post is a braindump of links

In response to some requests, this post is a braindump of useful links for research and activism purposes – hopefully useful! (Do let me know of any broken links in the comments section).


Freedom of Information requests can be a good way to hold truth to power. The website enables anyone to raise an FOI to any government agency,
including the Home Office. You are then notified when there’s an update, and other people can follow along and search, therefore expanding the knowledge of humanity.

Here are some examples of people with a history of interesting FOI requests – you may want to
follow them :


You can also get information on what information is held on you by the Home Office (or any organisation) under GDPR (privacy) rules. You can raise a Subject Access Request on you using this tool :

How do I make a SAR? :

Subject Access Request template :


If you want to write to your MP, you can do it via this tool :

This link tells you who your MP is (enter your postcode) :
You can also use these links to track how your MP is voting, what your MP is saying etc.


There are also some useful docs on our research page :

In particular –
Two pager summary of the Immigration Rules as they impact spouses and families (necessarily much simplified) :
Divided Families FAQ :
Spouse/partner visa entry clearance flowchart :
(These are updated periodically).


You can track stats on entry clearance visa applications, accepted, refused and withdrawn, by a variety of factors including nationality, type of visa etc, here :
Updated quarterly.

(A post on these : ).


VERY USEFUL – Migrants Rights Network’s ‘Know your rights’ booklet covers all kinds of challenges a migrant might face, from the serious to the munday :

The Right to Remain Toolkit has been going for many years and is also extremely useful :

FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUPS AND OTHER ONLINE FORUMS (mostly people in the situation or who have been in it) :
Reunite Families UK :

I Love My Foreign Spouse :

EEA Visa…EU Free Movement (mainly for UK citizens exercising EU free movement rights) :

Immigration Boards has a lot of useful information on its forums :

BritCits :

MIGRANT CENTRES AND COMMUNITIES (campaign groups, can help with community support, can also often offer legal support)

Migrants’ Rights Network :

Right to Remain – ‘We provide information, resources, training and assistance to help people to establish their right to remain.’ :
Toolkit :

the3million, EU citizens in the UK :

British in Europe :

Settled, charity to support EU citizens get settled status in UK :

Southeast and East Asian Centre :

Kanlungan, ’empowering Filipino migrants’ :

Ukrainian Migrants’ Network :

Ukrainian Welcome Centre: /

UK-Yankee, Americans in the UK :

Praxis Community Projects – supports vulnerable migrants, London-based :

RAMFEL, Essex and London :

GMIAU, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit :

ASIRT, Birmingham :

Refugee and Migrant Centre, Wolverhampton :

SYMAAG, South Yorkshire :

Scottish Refugee and Migrant Centre :

Welsh Refugee Council :

Bristol Refugee Rights :

Coventry Asylum and Refugee Action Group :

Detention Forum :

Detention Action :

Migrant Voice – newspaper and resources for migrants :

Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens – ‘provision of legal advice, aid, assistance and services in relation to British citizenship claims for children and young people’ :

Cities of Sanctuary – has a network all around the UK :

Rainbow Migration (LGBT) :

Positive Action in Housing – host a refugee in your home :

19 Princelet Street, East London’s museum of immigration and diversity (in a Huguenot weaver’s house – go if you can!) :

HEALTH/WELLBEING/SAFEGUARDING (mental and physical health, domestic abuse)
NHS advice on therapy/counselling/wellbeing :

Samaritans :

Doctors of the World – ‘we treat asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, homeless people and other vulnerable patients.’ :
0808 1647 686

Medical Justice – health rights for detainees :

National Domestic Abuse Helpline :
0808 2000 247

Women’s Aid – ‘until women and children are safe’ :
Live chat :

ManKind – male victims of domestic abuse :
01823 334244

Southall Black Sisters – domestic violence/forced marriage :
0208 571 9595

Latin American Women’s Rights Service :

Sistah Space ‘is a community-based non-profit initiative created to bridge the gap in domestic abuse services for African heritage women and girls.’

Cruse – mental health support :

Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association

Law Centres Network – local law centres around the UK :
On Google Maps :

Citizens’ Advice :
0333 270 0516

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